5 Kitchen Appliances With Weirdly Specific Uses

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  • APR 23, 2018
  1. A 3-In-1 Breakfast Station, for those who take that “most important meal of the day” thing very seriously.

    Promising Review: “This breakfast station was just delivered today. I immediately opened the box and loved the size and look of the unit. the glass lid was made well- nice and heavy. I also wanted to toast bread based on an earlier review- the unit performed perfectly. It took about 5 minutes max to toast both sides of bread. (photos attached) we will use this as a second coffee maker and toaster oven at our lake house”

  2. A Hot Dog Toaster, so that your dogs and buns will always be ready at the same time.

    Promising Review: “We LOVE LOVE LOVEEEEEE this. It’s being used a lot and when not in use it’s just so dang cute to look at. Hot dogs tastes like grilled hotdogs should and even veggie dogs tastes good.”

  3. Also in the niche-toaster category, this Grilled Cheese Toaster to make a lazy kitchen classic even lazier.

    Promising Review: “This is a very easy way to quickly make a delicious grilled cheese. Once the toaster has preheated all you do is drop the baskets in with your sandwich and pick how long you want it to cook for. I am never using my stove again when my kids wants a grilled cheese just because it easier and more efficient to use this grilled cheese toaster. The toaster is well made and the instruction manual is great with added sandwich ideas.”

  4. This Hot Dog Steamer, for you weirdos out there that prefer steamed hot dogs to grilled ones.

    Promising Review: “I don't know why it took me so long to purchase one of these. We have so many parties and events throughout the year. Everyone loved the steamed hot dogs and buns. My daughter who would never go near a grilled hot dog ended up eating two of these! We fit almost 2 dozen long hotdogs in here and about 10 buns. I would definitely recommend putting down a piece of foil under the buns to prevent the steam from getting them soggy. Cut the foil just enough to allow a little bit of steam from the bottom to go through. This was great for our carnival themed Halloween party and is now a staple in our game room.”

  5. And finally, this Express Bacon Grill for the always classy people who value perfectly cooked bacon more than life itself.

    Promising (and hilarious) Review: “I'm not really sure how that other guy managed to brutalize his bacon so terribly. I can only imagine that he's also the kind of person that puts his toast in the toaster and turns it up to 11 then comes back disappointed when his toast is burned beyond recognition. Not only does it appear that this person can't correctly operate a toaster - they also don't know how to purchase high quality bacon from the grocery store.

    Other inadequate reviews aside, this unit is functional and adequate. It works as advertised but it does have a couple quirks. It's not perfect but I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who hates cooking bacon like I do either because grease gets everywhere, they burn themselves, the bacon cooks unevenly, they don't want to wait 30 minutes for it to cook in the oven, or all of the above.”

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