Expand your reach without stretching your budget!

Living Sharp is an online catalog of the internet’s most interesting items. From unique gift ideas to unusual impulse buys, our endless list of curated products has something for everyone, literally. Effortlessly introduce yourself to the thousands of unique users that filter through Living Sharp every day.

Available Placements and Costs

  • Top Banner - $100 Exclusive
  • Pinned Post - $50 / spot
  • Run Time 1 Week
  • Blog Post - $50 for an existing article
  • Additional costs if you want us to whip up a custom piece.
  • Bonus - Premium placements are also featured in our weekly e-newsletter at no extra cost!

Please contact us directly, at sales@livingsharp.com for special pricing for multiple placements.

Living Sharp is a hand-picked list of the best products available online. We scour the web for the most unique finds and only make commission off what our readers actually buy.

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