Amazon Prime Day 2020 Is Just Around The Corner

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  • OCT 7, 2020

Amazon's Prime Day is the narcisistic, self-promoting, slightly less chaotic cousin of Black Friday, annually returning to fill our minds with materialistic dreams that we could have reasonably lived without. Okay, but really, if you're looking to splurge on some generally over-priced gadgets and Instant Pots, then Prime Day really is one of the best days to do some nerve-racking online shopping. While the retail overlord (read Amazon) understandably failed to bring the highly anticipated event through our Wi-Fi waves this summer, they've managed to make ammends by rescheduling the mega eevent to everyone's favorite month: October. October 13th and 14th, to be exact.

Now, online shopping will always be physically safer than rushing the doors of Best Buy at 8 am, but there's still a lot of stress when you're trying to find some of the best deals and lock them in before they disappear, for what could be forever. If you've never shopped on Prime Day before, then you'll definitely need to do some prep work if you truly want to capitalize on one of the biggest bargain days of the year. For one, not all deals will last the entirety of the event. Some deals may just appear after Prime Day begins and be gone within a matter of hours. A smart tip would be to set price alerts on some items you've had your eyes on lately but were reluctant to actually buy. If the price happens to drop, you can always double-guess yourself over whether or not it's dropped enough until the point where the price returns to normal, at which point, you'll know if you really wanted the item or not. Or you could just buy it at the reduced price. That's what a normal person would do, but if you didn't already know, this is Living Sharp; we don't do normal.

As such, instead of talking about the Blink Mini or Echo Show 5 that have pre-released their Prime Day exclusive pricing, we'll be listing some of the coolest gadgets you can find on Amazon that we think you should look out for when the mayhem begins. Think about it this way: these are the products that you've always thought were really cool but not necessary enough to spend the money on. What better time to buy some fun than on sale?

Reminder: you'll need to be an Amazon Prime member to take advantage of any and all Prime Day sales so make sure you start your free trial (Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial) before you start shopping. If you're feeling a little guilty about all your splurging, comfort yourself by forcing Amazon to donate 0.5% of all your eligilbe purchases to a charity of your choice, through their Amazon Smile program!

  1. This former Prime Day exclusive could see another special Prime Day promo. Coming in at a whopping $9999, this isn't the La-Z-Boy your grandma dreamed about. It's so much more, and then some. Cacooned in the total immersion of its surrond sound and gentle touch, this chair nay, throne, will shelter you from all the woes of your day. Even a hunderd dollar drop in price wouldn't be a big difference but it'll be enough to get your wallet comfortable with the idea.

  2. Speaking of total immersion, there's nothing quite like gaming in a full-out simulator, chalk full with live action motion and realistic controls. Toss that lap wheel over to the corner with your old stack of Playstation 2 games and gear up for an unlikely sale on this epic racing simulator. If it just so happens to drop, you can always distract yourself from the credit card bill with hours of unforgetable game play.

  3. Now this one isn't actually that far-fetched of an idea. This over-engineered trash can might just spit out a decent deal if you're lucky. The motion sensors aren't even the coolest part of this trash can. The base has a built-in vaccum that lets you easily brush dust, dirt, and your failed dreams straight into the bin without having to search for the darned dust pan. Who knew a trash can could have so many features.

  4. A 3-D printer is one of those things you've always wanted but never needed but swore you'd use it if you had it but rationalized that the price just doesn't make any sense...right now. If that price were to drop, however, then it's a whole different ball game. Don't forget that it's the refills that really drain the funds, but that's a problem for another day. For now, just keep your eyes locked on that magic printer that can make practically anything and pray that you'll be able to snatch one up at a reasonable price, come October 13th.

  5. Short-throw projectors are the solution you always knew you needed but never knew existed. Place it right infront of your make-shift theatre screen and be amazed at how you can now walk infront of the movie and not cast a shadow across the screen. What's better, the projector comes neatly packaged in a chique casing that looks so much more appealing compared to regular bulky projectors. This would really be a steal if it were to go on sale.

  6. With the seasons changing, it's time to start prepping for hibernation. With Prime Day so graciously falling in October, we're able to start thinking about life after summer, rather than getting caught up in the heat of life. An indoor grill is just what you need to melt away your winter woes and you might not even have to break the bank, if Prime Day comes through for you. While there's never a guarantee on what might go on sale, this is definitely one bad boy to keep an eye on.

  7. Pair that indoor BBQ with a classy drink maker that will have you grilling and chilling like its the summer of 69, all year long. Even if the price doesn't drop a decent bit (or at all), you can always find solace in the fact that you can drink your sorrows away, regardless of what price you buy it at.

  8. Be a good human and think about your little friend this Prime Day. Now, you can abandon your pet at home, alone, and still know that they'll find company in their new robot buddy, who not only runs around with them but can feed them as well! Now that's being a good pet owner.

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