Chill Out With A Nice Cold Drink With These Cool Products

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  • SEP 18, 2020

When you're having a drink, do you ever wish the ice in that whiskey was a little colder, or the wine in your glass had been chilled a little longer? Those things can really put a damper on that drink at the end of a long work day.

Normally, there's not much you can do after the fact. After all, the time it would have taken to chill your bottle of choice has already passed and it's now time to crack the bottle open. But if you're new here to Living Sharp, then it's about time that you learned that we don't exactly do normal here. Unique and unusual; those are the words we live by, and so you can sure as heck expect some truly unusual solutions to your first world problem.

Check out six super simple yet effective methods to enjoy a nice cold drink without having to store your bottle in a climate-controlled cellar.

  1. Forget about ice cubes melting in your drink after just a few minutes. The whiskey glass ice wedge keeps your drinks cold and stiff, just the way you like them. Each unit comes with a double old fashioned whiskey glass, and silicone mold for freezing ice wedges. Enjoy your drinks the way you always should have.

  2. This rechargeable cordless wine opener and and chiller set makes opening, and drinking your favourite wines easy. Forget about stuggling with corks that get stuck in the bottle or break with the rechargeable opener. The chiller keeps your favorite wines chilled, and makes date night seem like your out at an upscale restaurant.

  3. Space is a hot commodity these days. Make use of every square inch of your man-cave with a very discrete fridge that helps keep your drinks cool and your space even cooler.

  4. Ice cubes are a great way to cool a drink down, when you're only concern is guzzling down a sub-zero drink on a hot summer day. When you're actually trying to enjoy your glass of single malt, ice cubes do nothing but water down the flavor. That is where whiskey stones come in. They act just like ice cubes but without the melting. The bullet shape is just an added bonus.

  5. Nothing is more synonomous with keeping cool than a good old fashioned slushie. Of course, your local convenience store likely doesn't have a beer option on their slushie machine and you aren't exactly in the mood for a Slushie Puppie Blueberry Blast. Instead, make your own beer slushie within the comfort of your home. Beer sold seperately.

  6. It only know's one thing and it's in it's very name. The Chill-O-Matic is the fastest way to chill your drink without having to wrap it in a wet paper towel and anxiously sticking it in the freezer. While that little life hack works most of the time, it only take a few minutes for you to forget and for your drink in the freezer to become a popsicle. The Chill-O-Matic, on the other hand, will never freeze your drink. 

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