6 Items To Help You Realize Your Dream Of Becoming A Musician

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  • AUG 28, 2020

The sun begins to set on another summer season. Alas, it wasn't the summer we expected but maybe it was the summer we all needed. Trapped at home with nothing but our thoughts (and a life's supply of toilet paper, if you were one of those), we've all had more than enough time to reflect on our lives. Where we came from, what we're doing, and where the heck are we headed.

With so much uncertainty ahead, it only makes sense to grab this raging bull of a year by the horns and say "hey, I'm done with your sh!t." It's time you take back some control and made this year one of the most special years of your life. How exactly do you do such a thing when all your plans have been thrown to the curb and beat to a pulp? You give those plans the burial they deserve and make a radical new list of hopes and dreams; those very same hopes and dreams you once tucked away for being "too absurd."

Why now? Why not! What do you have to lose; your jobs a joke, you're broke, and we don't even want to start talking about that love life of yours. It's time you took advantage of your current predicament and made it an opportunity. After all, as the great Canadian, Jim Carrey, once said, "you can fail at what you don't want, so might as well take a chance on doing something you love."

We know it's a big jump, but it all starts with one small step. Here's a small list of items that might just help you lift that foot and place it heading in the direction you've always looked towards.

  1. A musician is only as good as their instrument. Or is it the other way around? Either way, it doesn't really matter how well you play an instrument if it's way out of tune--especially a guitar. Sure, you could be a purist and tune it by ear, but do you really want to take that chance so early on in your new career? Get the perfect sound with a perfectly tuned chord that will have the fans just falling at your feet like a flock of pigeons eating breadcrumbs.

  2. Music has been around since the very dawn of time. Music did not need man to create it, but man needs music to survive. However, after this many eons of acoustic scores, man's ear starts to get a little bored. We are creatures of evolution; as such, we need our music to evolve with us.

    Add another layer to your musical repotoire with the Triller, and unlock a level of sound that has thus far been neglected. This could very well be your "it" thing.

  3. Live music is great, but you're going to need people to come to your perfomances to actually make any money out of this little endeavor, and that mean's you need to record and release music. Getting into the studio is no daisy affair. It take's some truly special equipment to extract the purest sound from your skillful playing. Nothing is more important than that through which you hear your creations of sound i.e. headphones. No, your hand-me-down headphones won't cut it, and don't even try and bring those atrocious ear buds. Don't get yourself laughed out of the studio before you even strummed a test chord.

  4. Now, a solid set of headphones is mighty important. After all, that is what you'll use to listen to what you just recorded. But how will you actually record what you will later listen to? Yes, a professinal microphone with a boom arm. Why is the boom arm so important? Because no one likes a one-trick pony. You need to record vocals, strings, drums, and whatever other sound creator you want to throw in the mix. Getting a fixed microphone will only give you so much.

  5. Speaking of drums, do we have a kit for you. The benefit of an electric drum is two-fold. Firstly, it is a definite space saver, and can easily be condensed down and shoved into a corner, so you don't have to sacrifice any floor spcae in your closet-turned-studio. Secondly, you can edit the beat and fix any mistakes much easier than on a traditional drum. Sure, it feels a little like cheating but hey, all the pro's do it.

  6. Last and slightly least important, a way to listen to your rocking new tunes. No, it's not narcassistic to listen to your own music. You put your heart and soul into it, it's only right that you get to feel the fruits of your labor.

    It might seem a little hipster but don't let the haters faze you. Having your records printed on actual vinyl records would be totally epic and add a little pizzazz to your final product. In the end, presentation is key.

    We hope these were of help to you on your musical journey. All we ask in return is that you don't forget us when you're famous.

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