As Summer Heats Up, Cool Down With A Quarantine Pool Party

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  • JUL 24, 2020

You can shut the human world down but you can never shut the world itself down. Planes are grounded like they just came home after curfew, clubs are shuttered, and practically everything we once enjoyed about summer is suspended. On the bright side, more people have started to go on walks, hike, bike, and all those other individual outdoor activities we always took for granted. But it's been four months now, and we've seen every trail, climbed enough tree's and are in desperate need of some classic summer fun.

Music festivals are undoubtably out of the questions and don't even get us started on tropical resort vacations. So, I guess it's the pool party that will quench our summertime thirst.

Pool parties are great for more reasons that you might think. Obviously, there's the cool water and chill vibes, but that's not merely all. Pool parties don't need a large crowd to be fun, which is great for our current situation, and there's a TON of activites you can do. Don't know any? We've got you covered, as long as you remember to keep your face covered wink.

  1. Speaking of face masks, what better facial attire to wear to a party than a freaking LED face mask. With a variety of changable color options and the inheirent safety benefits of the mask, there's really no better alternative. Although, we wonder what the health risks of wearing an electric face mask in water might be...

  2. Maybe an LED face mask wouldn't be the brightest idea for an activity where you're trying to knock someone into water and will most likely end up in the water yourself. But then again, that really adds to the thrill, doesn't it. After all these months of not being able to see your friends, let alone interact with them, you're ust yearning to give them a big ole' hug but unfortunately, that is still unadvised. So, why not just hand them a nice clobbering instead.

  3. If you don't have any friends, than you never had anyone to miss in the first place, but you're probably still yearning to give out that hug of yours. Well then, wrap your arms around this Inflata-bull (get it, inflatable bull, clever ain't it) and hold on tight as it tries to buck and flip your unwanted presence off it's back.

  4. The key to a quarantine pool party is maintaining the safe social distance from your fellow attendees. What better way to keep that distance than to keep a literal barrier between yourselves. What barrier, you ask? Well, a floating beer pong table of course.

  5. If you're just looking to chill out, than maybe everyone's favorite emoji is the inflatable for you. There's not really much else to it. It's a floaty that's shaped like an eggplant. If you have some immature friends, it's sure to create a few childish snickers, but if you don't have any friends, then it still works great as just a floaty.

  6. We keep going back to this "no friends" thing and it kind of made us sad. Whenever we get sad, we like to think of unicorns because, well, they're unicorns. They're literaly the happiest animal out there. And would ya' look at that, you can have your own little unicorn buddy at your little pool shindig. And it'll even be a lad and hold your drink for you. Screw it, who needs friends anyways. You can't even hand them your drink now either.

  7. We aren't really sure what the point of this is but it looks really cool. Plus the colors would go great with your unicorn floaty.

  8. You're going to need more than that kiddie pool to use this bad boy, but if you happen to like on the edge of a lake or have an Olympic-size swimming pool in your backyard, than this puppy is a must-have. Forget diving boards and jumping off cliffs. Rocket yourself high into the air and come splashing down in the most emphatic fashion you could ever imagine.

  9. It's not a pool party without the delicacy that is the official fruit of the summer: watermelons. Save yourself the strife with this easy-to-use slicer that quickly chops up that juicy melon into easily edible pieces so that you can enjoy the entire fruit without the regular headache.

  10. Never thought of chilling in a pool while watching your favorite flicks on a big screen, did ya? Now you can, with this inflatable outdoor movie screen that can be dragged right to the edge of your pool, letting you soak in the refreshingly cool water while getting lost in the fantasy world of your choice.

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