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  • MAR 27, 2020

Being asked to work from home indefinitely should not be seen as nothing other than a gift from the universe. No more dreadful commutes or peering co-workers. Wake up, roll into your home workspace, and go about your business any which way you like.

Want to blast your favorite tunes? Max out that speaker! Want to sit on the table instead of a chair? No one can judge! You, friend, are the master of your domain. As such, you must take control of your new-found reality and make it your own. We're in this for the long haul now so might as well make it as pleasurable as possible.

Below are just a few ideas you could implement into your own workspace to make it not just bearable, but damn near desirable.

  1. First off, lets designate that work area as just that. Signage matters people. Just like seeing your company branding while drudging into the office, you need a visual reminder to get you into the right headspace. And where else would you rather picture yourself working than in THE Office.

  2. One benefit of working from the office is that you get to use all the office amenities, including the very bulky scanner. No one owns their own scanner these days because why would they. Space is a commodity and scanners are not worth their weight in gold. At least, they weren't before. But this sleek, lamp-like scanner has such a small footprint, we couldn't see why it would even be a burden.

  3. You never took care of yourself at the office, but now is a perfect time to do you and really look out for yourself. Standing desks are more than just a gimmick. The toll your body takes from sitting down all day is discretely deadly. And you thought going out into large crowds was the only thing threatening your well-being.

  4. Remember those peering eyes we mentioned earlier? Yup, they're still nowhere in sight. Which means you get to fiddle and fumble around with whatever you like while you let the juices in your brain brew up your next great idea. It's not daydreaming, it's brainstorming. Your boss might not get it, but we do.

  5. Just because you're at home doesn't mean you're suddenly going to have the time you've always wanted to workout. Sure, you save about 2 hours of your life by removing the commute, but there's still the matter of feeling tired after work and losing any and all motivation to move. An under-desk elliptical knocks out two birds with one stone, letting you workout while working.

  6. Another benefit of working from the office is the companionship of your coworkers. Sure, you tell yourself you hate them all, but deep down, you miss those awkward watercooler nods. While it can't be advised to ship a friend over to your house, we have the next best thing. A tiny inflatable tube guy who'll keep you company as long as you keep him fed (with electricity).

  7. A great addition the standing desk, this mat makes standing up a task in itself. "Why in the world would I want to make it harder to stand," you ask? Because, my soon-to-have-back-problems friend, the mat forces you to readjust your footing and engages your muscles so that you're not just standing like a pole.

  8. Just because you can't go outside doesn't mean you can't enjoy the outdoors. The bamboo keyboard AND mouse adds a little, shall I say, Feng Shui to your workspace. Just try and get frustrated at your co-worker while resting your fingertips on that smooth bamboo finish.

  9. Talk about a workout while working. This not-a-Peloton workstation lets you really get a good burn going while ripping through all those emails. Could you even think about setting this up in the office? Never, unless you wanted to be "that guy." But in THE Office, it's totally acceptable.

  10. A thing about the workbike is, your tushy is really going to feel it after about an hour and a half. How did we get to that number? Try riding a bike for longer than an hour and let us know how you feel. That doesn't mean you don't want to buy the workbike, but you might want to think of some alternative for when the blood stops flowing. A portable laptop desk is really the easiest choice. You can work from anywhere, which means you might even be able to work from right outside your home. But no further, or else....

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