Glamp Like A Champ With These 6 Luxury Camping Items

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  • MAR 27, 2018
  1. An inflatable outdoor movie screen, so that even watching TV counts as an outdoor activity.

    Promising Review: “This is the best purchase I have ever made. I used to get an old sheet and rig it up, then it would blow in the wind, making the watching experience less than pleasurable. With the Inflatable Outdoor movie screen, we are enjoying our evenings on the patio much more quickly. It takes longer for the projector to warm up than it does for the screen to set up. Roll it out, connect the fan, and stake it down. Screen portion is removable (Velcro) and washable. made from teeshirt type material, it does not crease or wrinkle when folded. Frame is durable canvas. Easily moved when blown up to adjust position. Can be projected from rear or front. Fan is not excessively noisy.”

  2. This luxury two-room tent, because who doesn’t like to have their own room?

    Promising Review: “My family really enjoyed using this tent during a recent camping trip. We have two young children (3 and 2 years old), and have just started taking them on camping outings. This tent was large enough to support our kid-friendly "glamping" experience near the coast in Northern California. After a two-hour car trip, Mom took the kids to a bathroom break, and in the 10-minutes that they were gone I was able to completely set this tent up myself. (My set up included staking a 16 mil thick, 16' x 10' tarp as a footprint, and staking down the rain cover as well). The tent fit our extra large duffle bag, two cots, and very large queen size blow-up mattress with plenty of room!”

  3. This camping oven with a fully-functioning stove. No canned beans and hot dogs tonight!

    Promising Review: “This maybe the greatest camping purchase ever. I bought it and immediately brought it to a campground/festival we were at for 8 days of no hookup camping in Maine. I removed the oven from my RV because it took up a lot of space and those ovens seem to heat unevenly. I put in a cook top. This oven/cooktop was the bomb. I made 3 pies (two peach, one blueberry), using the Pillsbury refrigerator crust, puff pastry (topped with Newfoundland snow crab), two batches of biscuits, baked haddock, countless pots of pour over coffee, one successful latte two unsuccessful lattes, a giant pot of steamers, reheated clam chowder, melted 3 sticks of butter, popcorn in a big pot, cookies, you get the idea…”

  4. A portable outdoor shower that allows you to be close to the animals without smelling like one.

    Promising Review: “We had a gas leak and the Gas company turned our gas off while it was being repaired which basically meant we had no hot water for several days. We were able to boil water in a pot and use this in our normal shower which was a good thing for both me and my wife since we were able to avoid taking frigid cold showers while the gas line was being repaired. It had great water pressure and the only thing I would improve would be the on/off switch being closer to or on the shower head.”

  5. This portable changing room to make sure none of the woodland creatures are peeping on you. Sure beats a fig leaf.

    Promising Review: “After reading reviews in other enclosures, I decided to go with this one. I received it fast and received a link in email for an instructional video. It was really easy to put up and take down, rarely can I find something that will fit back into the original bag, and this did lol. I love that it comes with sand bag option, as we camp on the beach and there is no way to steak it into the ground. It is really durable and seems to be made with great quality. We do not use a hanging solar bag for shower so I wasn't concerned with being able to hang. We bought a flo-master bleach sprayer and remove the pressure nozzle tip. If you leave it in the sun it's warm in the evening. Great shower option and you don't have to worry about hanging it. We used this enclosure for both portable toilet and to shower. Great product and great price!”

  6. This wearable sleeping bag that allows you to take your bed with you wherever you go.

    Promising Review: “This is the best invention ever. I love to be outside and sleep outside and my sleeping bag is all pre-warmed up because I've been wearing it. This is great if you like hammocks, as it is easy to get in and out! I have a cot with a tent attached to it and this year have been teaching myself about the stars and constellations. I can go outside, with my sleeping bag on, and sit in a chair for as long as I want to star gaze and crawl right into my cot with my warm sleeping bag on.”

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