10 Ways To Keep Your Cousins Entertained At Thanksgiving Dinner

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  • NOV 19, 2019

Thanksgiving is a great holiday. Everyone cooks up their most treasured dishes, family from all over comes together, and it's all about having a good time with the people you love. At least, that's what it's supposed to be. Reality is very subjective, and unfortunately, that means while your neighbor is having a great time, you might be bored out of your mind without anything to entertain your cousins.

Video games are expensive, and most new games don't even offer split-screen anymore. Depending on where you live, going outside isn't much of an option either. So you're stuck inside, your lousy cousin keeps implying the dinner should have been at their house, and you are seconds from agreeing with them while sitting on their face.

While sitting on their face may supply you with momentary amusement, the joy is short-lived once the parents get involved.

Beating your cousin senseless in a physically harmless but emotionally fracturing way, on the other hand, is totally acceptable. As luck would have it, we've spent the precious hours of our life compiling a list of the best indoor activities for you to keep your family entertained till the turkey is ready to be carved.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. Memes are appropriate for all occasions. These will have everyone laughing so loud, you'll all forget the resentment you hold for each other, deep down in your loving hearts.

  2. Bored of Connect Four? Not anymore, with the new one standing over three feet of the floor! As they say, bigger is always better.

  3. Family parties always mean you need to tone down your regular vocabulary. But if that card's the one doing all the talking, then you can't possibly be held liable for the offensive sentences that are forthcoming?

  4. As we said earlier, bigger is always better. And that is definitely the case with Jenga. If those falling blocks made you flinch before, get ready to duck and cover because these blocks are coming straight for your head.

  5. So maybe giant Jenga is too much of a raucous, but regular Jenga is still not cutting it. If you're still looking to have a jolly good time, Buzzed Blocks might be the way for you. Each block pulled may just surprise you with a wild task. Warning, the more you play this game, the more open you'll be during table talk.

  6. The greatest version of Monopoly ever created. With Lion King inspired game pieces and all, the Pride Lands are now yours to rule. And no, you don't need to throw Simba off a cliff.

  7. A now-classic game, this expansion pack will let you continue to enjoy hours of fun creating the most inhumane scenarios that will make everyone, including yourself, question your sanity. Not to worry, the worse of a person you are, the more likely you are to win.

  8. Now, if you're really looking to liven up this dinner, then there's no real point in beating around the bush. Get the whole family involved and have a rambunctious time together. This fun little card game might just turn into Family Feud.

  9. So you're all drunk, but haven't yet fallen into the pointless pit of quarreling. A board game should do the trick. Since you're already drunk, might as well stick with the theme and make it a beer tasting game that will lose its purpose after just a few rounds.

  10. We felt we had to throw in an option for those of you who enjoy the more active things in life. You don't enjoy sitting on your rump all night, and alcohol is too many calories. This indoor pop-a-shot is a perfect way to work up an appetite right before dinner, and burn off the calories after.

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