Costume Ideas For Your Dog So You Don't Trick-Or-Treat Alone

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  • OCT 10, 2019

Can a dog really be mans best friend if you won't even take the hound out with you on Halloween? And no, we don't just mean putting a leash on it and taking it for a walk. We mean letting it join in on the festivities that you so very much enjoy. All these years, you've been frolicking about the eerie night all alone. This year, suit up with your furry friend and mascarde through the night like the best pals you claim you are.

  1. We're sorry, but this is just hilariously adorable. We understand you may have wanted something a little more terrifying for the scariest holiday of the year, but come on, just look at the little guy. If you think about it, this will still get you screaming and mass hysteria, only, everyone will be obsessing over how cute your dog is instead of how creepy it is.

  2. Now if cute and cuddly just isn’t you thing, then maybe you are more on the dark side of things. Take your canine companion down with you and experience the dark side of the force together.

  3. So you don't like cute and cuddly but you aren't prepared to sell your dogs soul to the dark side. Turning your fanged hound into one of the worlds most fearsome creatures seems like a happy compromise. It looks oddly cute, but is still a viscous prehistoric killing machine.

  4. We like to think that dogs are the Earth-equivalent to ewoks. Ewoks helped the Jedi, dogs help mankind. And they're both furry and fun-loving. What more evidence do you need? Dress your dog up as its galactic ancestors and let it embrace its rich family tree.

  5. A bark is essentially a baby roar. Like a young Simba trying to fend off some hungry hyenas, take your fearsome protector out with you to protect you from all those candy-theives.

  6. Now, now, hold your horses, and your dogs. We aren't suggesting that a child is like a dog. But we are suggesting that a dog is like a child. And as such, it makes perfect sense to repurpose a baby Batman cape for your little puppy. Now that's sound consumer advice.

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