10 Kitchen Essential To Make Your Life Easier

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  • SEP 26, 2019

Preparing food is no easy task but it's probably one of the most important things you do everyday. Whether it's brewing a cup of iced coffee in the morning or slicing up some veggies for a steamy pasta in the evening; the less stressful the task becomes, the more enjoyable the outcome is. We discovered that, sometimes, it comes down to simply having the right tools. Sure, you've gotten by with a quality set of stainless-steel knives and some non-stick pans, but have you truly reached the true potential of your kitchen abilities? Have you removed the minute stresses that plague your daily routine and hinder the maxiumum enjoyment of your creations? Do you have these kitchen essentials that will make your life so much easier?

  1. Stop wasting time fiddling with a straining basket, or worse, trying to use the lid. The only thing you’ll be straining is your body. Make straining quick and easy with a simple clip-on strainer that removes the unnecessary chore of having to retransfer the pasta from the strainer to the pot.

  2. Here’s a product that solves a simple problem that causes major stress. Even if your freezer is right beside your sink, the anxiety experienced while trying to carry a freshly filled ice tray without spilling is a stress no one should deal with. We can’t figure out why lids aren’t standard on all ice trays but this is a definite must have.

  3. Those quality stainless-steel knives of yours must cut well. So well that you may be reluctant to keep your fingers near the blade as you slices your veggies. Unfortunately, this likely means you aren’t getting those picturesque, Instagram quality dishes with perfectly sliced tomatoes. Fear no more, for this slicer keeps your fingers safe, and an Instagram worth meal just slices away.

  4. How many times are you going to keep cooking the same meal? After a while, the meal itself becomes the source of the stress. Help yourself out a little and learn to create a variety of new meals, all with one ingredient. Eggs. This rapid egg cooker will help you cook your eggs in so many different ways, and it even steams food; not just eggs. Now that’s versatility.

  5. A large part of the stress from a kitchen is the cleaning and what could be worse to clean than a bunch of tiny looped metal strings on a stick. Instead of tediously wiping each little rod, slide the residue away with a one quick swipe.

  6. Measuring is such a mundane task. Ounces, cups, spoons. It’s like we’re back in math class. Everyone knows science is more fun. That’s where we get to do all the weird experiments. If you want to bring some fun back into your kitchen, then this measuring cup is for you. With a wacky fact at every level, adding a cup of milk will never be the same.

  7. If perfection is your kind of fun, then maybe this measuring cup is more for you. With the ability to preset the cup to exactly how much you need, you’ll never have to worry again about adding just a little bit too much and ruining the entire dish.

  8. We’re sorry but throwing ice into a coffee doesn’t make it a proper ice coffee. Sure it satisfies the requirements but we both know you want more than to just be satisfactory. Perfect your ice coffee’s with this ice coffee maker and never look back on your eccentric past.

  9. Have you ever caught yourself trying to multitask in the kitchen, and quickly finish prepping another part of the meal while leaving a pot to boil on the stove, only lose attention and have the pot boil over? After it happens once, you’re too stressed to try and attempt multitasking again. Don’t beat yourself over it. Just drop a spill stopper over it and breathe easy.

  10. If you’re more on the fancy side of things, maybe you don’t just want your veggies cut in perfect slices. Maybe you like your veggies thinly spiraled. We aren’t here to judge. We’re just here to make your life easier. And this will definitely do that for you.

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