We Can All Float With These Inflatables

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  • SEP 5, 2019

With the release of IT Chapter 2, we couldn't help but wonder what it must be like to float down there with all the other children. Surely there’s something to it if he keeps getting new occupants every 27 years. How fun could it really be though? After all, you’re trapped in a killer clown’s underground sewer-lair. Clowns scare the bejeebers out of us, so we had to figure out a better way to float, without the help of some crazy clown. And sure enough, there is. We were able to figure out seven ways we can all float, and live to tell the tale.  

  1. While we're sure being dragged down a sewer by a crazy clown would be oodles of fun and excitment, we'll pass. Riding an inflatable bull on the other hand sounds much more safe, without losing any of the fun. Plus, if Pennywise does decide to show up to the pool party, just ram him with the bulls horns. Hopefully he runs before he realizes its just air.

  2. What better way to forget about that crazy clown chasing you down then by downing a few cold ones in a refreshing game of beer pong, in the pool. It doubles as a raft, so you have something to jump onto if the clown chases you into the pool.

  3. Now this is how you show that creepy clown what you're made of. Not only do you shove it in his face that you can float without him, you can also shove your jousting stick in his face if he gets too close. That's a double whamey

  4. If you're planning to hide away from the clown in the pool, you'll need to keep supplies nearby. Stay stocked up for hours with an inflatable cooler that allows you get whatever you need, without ever leaving the pool.

  5. If you're going to float, float in style.

  6. Another great horned animal to keep the killer clown at bay. Pair it with your Inflatabull, and you've got an armada ready to take down any clown who's ventured too far from the sewer. Plus, it'll help keep your hands free.

  7. Never float alone.

  8. This is just in case he's already gotten to you. Even if he's bitten half your arm off, you can still float, your own way. We won't let the clown win that easily.

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