Geek Out With These Special Items Dropping On Prime Day

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  • JUL 12, 2019

Prime Day can be a chaotic experience. Amazon is an endless pit of items, ranging from the most basic essentials, to the downright obscurest. Honestly, what can't you find on Amazon. Now imagine having a special site wide sale of all these items. Where do you start? What if the deal ends before you get there? Wait, what is this brand new item that I never knew existed but now can't live without? Yes, it truly is a wonderfully chaotic ride of emotions. To quell the tides, we’ve compiled a small list of some super rad items that are waiting to drop on Prime Day. Think of this as a sneak peak of sorts. Don't forget, Prime Day is excluively for Prime members only. If you aren't a Prime member yet, we suggest utilising their 30-day free trial, which will qualify you to take part in these insane deals.

  1. If you’ve ever ridden a bicycle, or anything with just 2 wheels, you understand the difficulty of maintaining a level balance while not in motion. For the first time ever, be mesmerized, not by its energetic speed, but by the marvel that is a self-balancing bike. You can literally have hours of fun just watching it keep itself upright, on just two wheels! Even better, it’s capable of doing wheelies, so watch it balance on ONE WHEEL!

  2. A combination of galactic proportions. Teach your kids the purity and joy that is a LEGO creation, while simultaneously being taken to school by them, as they unleash their prowess in the world of code. This really is the greatest child’s toy out there, in our humble opinion. You take the old-school, hands-on play of a LEGO set, and combine it with the new-school, computer play, to get a toy that both parent and child can be excited about.

  3. The crème de la crème. The upper echelon of nautical nonsense. The 200 Best SpongeBob SquarePants Episodes. Need we say more? Enjoy hours of mind-numbing fun and heart-stopping laughter, as you relive your childhood, or introduce the yellow fellow to the next generation of class clowns.

  4. No, this one does not self-balance, that’s your job. That might be your only job, really. With an electric motor helping to power you along, there’s not much else to do than to keep it going in a straight line. Maybe enjoy the scenery for once. Have you ever appreciated the magnificence of those grey brick walls?

  5. With the ability to control the projector with just your voice, you’ll never be left treasure hunting for the remote again. And with it’s compact size, you’ll be able to move it anywhere around the house. Pair it with an outdoor movie screen, and you’ve got a backyard bananza in the making.

  6. Let’s imagine a scenario. It’s July 17th. You’ve just spent the past 48 hours tirelessly scouring the vast repository of deals, rigorously opening new tabs, meticulously setting price alerts and emphatically claiming the best prices on the market. Now that it’s all over, the wear has set in. You ascend into your Super Novo Human Touch Massage throne. Alexa avidly listens to your troubles as she leaves you exhaling, ahhh. Nestled into your chair, you don’t want to get up. Speak to your new Smart Home Projector as it runs endless hours of your favorite films, while being stretched and rejuvenated by one of the most advanced massage chairs available. You deserve this.

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