7 Classy Products That Put The “Win” Back In Wino

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  • MAR 13, 2018
  1. You and that full-bodied red will both breathe a little easier knowing you’ve got this stemless aerating wine glass handy. No more embarrassing dinner party debacles over that decanter situation.

    Promising Review: "I love these glasses. The sit so comfortably in your hand and I don't worry about knocking it over as is often possible with a stem glass. I'm not a wine connoisseur but the theatrics of watching the wine being poured and then trickling out is so entertaining. I recommend you wash/rinse the glasses as you use them as you cannot reach into the depths to wash out dried residue, if that is something you might contend with. The glasses are light weight. I also enjoy that I can smell the wine with each sip I take."

  2. Practice safe storage with these very portable wine condoms that keep you from having to lug around bulky bottle stoppers.

    Promising Review: "I got these as a gift for a family member that is a “wine afficianado” partly for a laugh but also for their great concept. When she opened them I did get a huge laugh but once she realized what the were and the concept she was amazed and I have received confirmation from her that they work wonders and truly provide an airtight seal. So now all the corks can go into the trash can after they come out of the bottle and a wine condom goes on!!"

  3. Nothing says “hands off the good stuff” like this combination bottle lock that will keep unrefined palettes safely away from the fine floral notes of that expensive merlot.

    Promising Review: "This is a very good bottle lock. Easy to use and the lock achieves it's purpose: The lock will deter someone from getting into the bottle (If you tighten it enough, I have found it to be VERY snug in the bottle. . . and if they do get the lock off - they will not be able to put it back (because the black rubber stopper "swells" out when you lock it - preventing reinsertion).

    If you have an alcoholic in the house - this will not keep a determined individual from getting in. If you have a child in the house - this will insure that you will know if they have tried to get in - the locked lock will be sitting next to the open bottle.

    This lock will fit most 0.75L bottles of wine or liquor. It is not large enough to fit larger bottles. Only one bottle I have found it does not work on . . . Johnnie Walker - the inside of the bottle neck has a bulge which pushes the lock out of the bottle when you tighten. Otherwise - I think this is a very affordable security tool."

  4. No need to keep that pinky out while drinking from this wine glass bottle attachment – people know class when they see it.

    Promising Review: "It truly is air tight and doesn't dribble at all. I'm telling you that on those days when"A" glass of wine isn't enough this is the best way to end that day. Besides it is so much fun just "taking it to the head" as the kids say. Well worth it. Screws in and out and no dribble."

  5. Equal parts champagne glass and crack-pipe, the Champagne Bong shoots for that oh-so-delicate balance of fun and refinement once ascribed to the mullet: “business in the front, party in the back.”

    Promising Review: "This new, unparalleled drinking technology has revolutionized my day and cut 30 minutes out of my morning routine. Now, I never really feel like I have started my day unless I have had a champagne breakfast; preferably a vintage '04/08 blanc de blanc grower champagne(RM); I try to avoid the maison houses and their high dosages as much as possible....but I digress. Sometimes my wife and I just simply don't have the time it takes to sit down and imbibe a bottle of champagne from a traditional flute before rushing out the door to drop our kids off at school and then head into the office. I must profess that with our Chambong, I can get 3-4 FULL glasses down in the time it takes to makes microwaved oatmeal for the little ones. God Bless Chambong!"

  6. Never let your penchant for talking with your hands get between you and a good glass of vino again with this stylish wine glass holder necklace.

    Promising Review: "Wine festivals....perfect to have. Don't wear a white top because the residual wine from the outside of your wine glass will rub against your shirt."

  7. Bask in the soothing affirmation of this hilarious" it's not really drinking alone" wine glass and reassure yourself that your dog is the only drinking buddy you need.

    Promising Review: "Got this as a Christmas White Elephant party gift. It is VERY well packed and well made. The best part - it was a real hit at the party and got stolen from the original recipient (how I know it was a real prize) and lots of cheers when it was opened."

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