10 Ideas For Summer Break Fun With The Family

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  • JUN 24, 2019

Now that school is out, your kids suddenly have hours of energy and no place to put it. They don't seem to understand that just because they don't have homework anymore doesn't mean your boss want's to stop handing out unneccesary amounts of work, as well. As much as you'd like to give them a literal laundry list of chores to get done over their summer break, the fact remains that they are children who, once in a while, need to be let loose to just have fun. Below are some great idea's for some fun times with the whole family.

  1. A true chess master knows how to lose this game as quickly as possible, so as to attain the most free time.

  2. With just one incompletable puzzle, you will have a lifetime of bonding. On second thought, this is what probably drives you apart.

  3. Be the cause of your own problems by loading your own kids up with sugar, keeping them and youself up all night. Sounds like a movie night!

  4. Size matters, and bigger is always better.

  5. Silence your children with your deadly shot, and settle the score that you're still the top dog on the block.

  6. A science project they’ll actually enjoy. Summer isn't just a knee-bruising and mind numbing experience.

  7. Take pride in knowing you were the one to introduce your child to beer pong. While there may not be beer in the cups now, just know you have planted the seeds of a future frat house champion.

  8. What could be better than spending more than an entire summer allowance-worth on a LEGO set that will attack your barren soles long after you’ve all hopelessly given up.

  9. Another great science experiment, with a little hazard to make it all the more enjoyable. What could possibly go wrong with giving a child access to a projectile?

  10. Not everyone has the privilege of having a fire pit outside, but no one should be denied the privilege of a late summers night s’more.

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