Gifts To Get The Most Out Of Summer

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  • JUN 20, 2019

Summer has officially arrived. Some cultures celebrate the summer solstice as midsummer, while most of us in North America celebrate it as the beginning of summer. All we know is, it’s hot today, it’s hot tomorrow, and it’s going to be hot for the next few months. To enjoy all this anti-hibernation weather, we have a list of items that will have you ready to soak up some well needed Vitamin D. Here’s to another excuse to openly drink and not be scorned.

  1. Sway in the cool breeze while denying all those pesky mosquitos an all-you-can-eat bananza.

  2. Roughing it doesn’t have to be so rough. Carry your walk-in closet with you and never fear about looking bad when a bear attacks you for irritating it with your natural perfume.

  3. Grills are bulky, heavy, and after two uses, becomes a char distribution centre tarnishing anything within a half inch radius. This grill is much, much more simple.

  4. Picnic baskets are nice, but no one wants to lug around an entire meal, especially before they even got a chance to eat.

  5. Yes, there are bugs outside. Guess what, there’s bugs inside your house, too. So, might as well get some fresh air while you’re being attacked.

  6. Movie nights are great but why waste a great summer night hiding indoors?

  7. Just imagine curling up inside a hammock, nestled inside a sleeping bag. Usually, this would mean flip city, but a wearable sleeping bag makes this bliss.

  8. All those beers need somewhere to go. Regular coolers aren’t known to float, and we don’t recommend finding out if your's is the outlier.

  9. Forget looking for flat ground. Your flatbed is always ready for a comfortable snooze.

  10. A nice cold beverage while lounging in the pool is an almost magical experience. Make it truly magical with the most mystical being on the planet.

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