7 Gifts For The Grill Dad

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  • JUN 13, 2019

Your dad is all fired up with Father’s Day coming up. Don’t put out his flame with a mediocre gift. Stoke his passion for the art of grilling with some ultra-unique grill gifts. No, you will not find any 'Kiss the Cook' nonsense in here.

  1. A perfectly grilled steak is equivalent to the mastery found on the painted canvases of the Louvre. As such, this work of art also deserves to be signed by the artist who so meticulously crafted it.

  2. Grilling for the whole family requires the most elite skill, and precision. Would you ever expect a SWAT team to conduct a raid in board shorts and V-necks? Then why should this be any different?

  3. If your father has shifted to the organic food experience, then this is the only way to go. Shredded meat just isn't the same unless you were to claw at it like a wild animal. If not, then what is organic?

  4. The poor man just toiled away for hours, grilling the most delicious meal for everyone. How sad would it be if he had to sit there like a Neanderthal with an old steel brush just grinding away at all the char?

  5. Da Vinci didn't just use one brush when creating the Mona Lisa. Grilling is no different. Art requires a masterful hand, conducting an orchestra of master tools.

  6. BBQ is just as much a science as it is an art. It all requires the perfect temperature, for the perfect amount of time, under the guidance of the perfect chef. Help control one of those things to a degree never before imagined.

  7. A food staple that was never associated with the summer BBQ, until now. Make your dad the envy of all the other wannabe grill dads with a bbq mount that will truly set him on a level of his own. Dare I say it, he'll be the King of the Grills.

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