$10 Gifts For A Million Dollar Man

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  • JUN 13, 2019

Father’s Day is around the corner, you’re too broke to buy anything, and now you feel terrible. Almost as terrible as your dad’s favorite one liners. Deep down, you love those wretched attempts at comedy, but not enough to force your hand at buying an epic debt-inducing gift. That doesn’t mean you can’t get him anything. He’s gotten away with entertaining everyone with his cheap jokes. It’s only fair you return the favor on his dedicated day.

  1. We heard dad’s loved Avengers Endgame. No one could disagree that they looked like Thor. Every Thor is not complete without his trusty hammer.

  2. Some gifts are so great they speak for themselves.

  3. That Thor body came from somewhere.

  4. With flatulence out of one end and flat jokes out the other, there isn't much hope for sanity. Which end you stick these on is up to you.

  5. A joke of a pen to write the dad jokes that you know he keeps in a journal somewhere.

  6. For those rare moments when he gets up off the couch. These moments are so rare, you must get him to do as much as he can before he slumps back down.

  7. Being broke didn't just happen. It just is, at this point. You've probably given many high fives and hugs as your 'real thoughtful' gifts, over the years. This time, add a little pizzazz.

  8. Do we smell some Irish coffee brewing?

  9. Help him understand that 'great joke dad' doesn't actually mean great joke. Becareful, he may use what he learns to increase his arsenal.

  10. Let's be real. These obligatory gifts are just a waste of money. You'd rather just flush money down the toilet.

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