Father's Day Gifts For Less Than $50

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  • MAY 30, 2019

Your father is worth the world. Unfortunately, the world is slightly out of your budget. Heck, most of the items found in the mall are out of your budget. Still, you want to shower the old man in good-old fashioned materialistic loving. Here are some great gifts that your dad will get a real crack out of, so he won't care how much you spent on it; even if you did have to borrow $20 from him to pay for half.

  1. A very cool conversation piece to constantly remind your dad of all the travelling he didn’t get to do, because he had to waste all his money raising you. Apparently, you can afford the world.

  2. A man should be able to carry his 6-pack with grandeur and dignity. He can’t carry the same cheap cardboard from his frat boy years.

  3. For all the awkward conversations your dad is capable of cultivating, this sure takes the cake. We have yet to decipher whether he'd create more damage booting this into someone's face, or if he actually used this as a conversation starter?

  4. Throw that rickety old beer helmet away. He deserves to plod about like Stoick the Vast, while sipping his jugs of ale.

  5. Only a rare few are worthy of yeilding such powerful meat beating ability. Allow your father to feel like the manliest man in all the 9 rooms of your home.

  6. Take him out to the ball game, at least take him out for some dogs. Buy him a hot dog toaster instead, He doesn’t care it’s practically the same. If you didn't sing this, you read it wrong.

  7. This is one gift you wish he wouldn’t use as often.

  8. A little classier lone drinking. Only for the whisky connoisseur who goes as far as appreciating the little things that makes a whiskey great, beyond its alcohol percentage.

  9. Rather than buy him a knickknack that sits and collects dust, buy him a thingamajig that rolls and collects dust. He can use this one over and over and over again.

  10. This is a great gift if you still live with your parents. Why wouldn’t you want a pizza oven at home? We mean your dad…why wouldn’t your dad want a pizza oven at home…

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