Helpful Gifts For A Handy Dad

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  • MAY 27, 2019

Your father may be a very handy man, but that shouldn’t mean he has to build his own gift. While you could get him a nice weekend away to relax, reality is, he'll only be thinking about the yard to rake, the leaky faucet in the basement, and that tree branch hanging precariously close to his project car. Instead of distracting him from his work, help him cut his work time in half. Now, he’ll really be able to relax.

  1. The most time-consuming, and stress-inducing task, when raking the leaves, is the actual transferring of the leaves from the ground into the bags. Make light work of it all, with these ginormous leaf scoops.

  2. Is there anything more annoying than trying to extend a measuring tape out against a wall, only for it to flop down and measure the curvature of the air instead? These problems don’t exist with a sticky measuring tape.

  3. Forget about the plunger and the plumber. No longer will your dad have to cry over hours wasted trying to dislodge mom’s hairball from the pipes.

  4. Unravel hose, water the garden, and ravel hose. It should never have to be any more complicated than this.

  5. There’s not much your dad can do with a dull chainsaw. With a sharp one, however, he’ll be slicing up jungles and still have time for a cold one before the sun sets.

  6. This could not be more literal if it tried.

  7. Your dad is about to start fixing problems he never even knew he had. With the ability to bond with a plethora of materials, he’ll be running around in search of the smallest cracks ready to give way.

  8. With all the loose screws and nuts securely held to his wrist, he’ll be able to swiftly move about his next project, without having to do mini ballerina spins in search of that one screw he knew he left right there.

  9. A work bench is a huge helper, but also a huge space invader. This compact folding workbench on the other hand, solves both problems.

  10. Being a handy man comes with an inherent ego. Your father would much rather service his own car, rather than ask a mechanic why the engine light came on again.

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