5 Gifts To Unleash The Tiger Woods From Within Your Dad

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  • MAY 23, 2019

Once upon a time, on a fairway not too far away, old men believed golf was their game. As times progressed, more and more young whippersnappers took up the iron and stormed the greens. With their malleable backs, and ability to walk long distances without tiring, they have tilted the play field and left your pops in a real divot. It's time to throw on some Eye of the Tiger, lace up the golf shoes, and prepare your father to take his game farther then its ever been. You're not about to let your old man retire, without his majestic swan song.

  1. Golf is a game of finesse. Your dad can go to the driving range and blast bombs all day, but that'll only do him so much good. Teach him to control that old man strength and skillfully chip his way back to the glory hole.

  2. These young guns and their smart phones and smart watches. All that technology, but what has it done to help their golf game? Nothing. Elevate your father beyond these incapable tech travesty’s with a smart sensor that will have him swinging like a Jack Nicholson cyborg.

  3. There is absolutely no time available to waste in the quest for glory, zero. Those 15 plus minutes on the can are precious minutes of practice literally flushed away. Not anymore.

  4. Drinks at the clubhouse can get a little pricey. While this may or may not help his actual game, it’ll definitely help his wallet. And for that, he will still love you…hopefully.

  5. It’s no secret that golf involves a lot of walking. Unbeknownst to many, golf can also be quite physically demanding. Add another piece of 21st century tech to his 15th century game, to help him understand the intricacies of his game like never before.

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