7 Gifts For Your Star Wars Obsessed Friend

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  • MAR 6, 2018
  1. Get charged with a little help from your R2-D2 USB wall charger!

    Promising Review: “I bought this for my husband for Christmas (he was a child in the 70's so he loves Star Wars and because he is hard to shop for). I love the design. It is very simple and very cute. R2D2's light lights up when it is plugged in. There are 2 USB charging slots. I had no idea what the difference was but the 2.1A (for ipads and tablets) and 1.0A (for iphones). Maybe that is not exactly correct but that is how it was explained to me. The charging wire does not come with it.”

  2. Add fun and laser focus to your breakfast with this Death Star Waffle Maker.

    Promising Review: “In the ever competitive world of badass waffle makers, this will have you and your chipper dark side buddies happier than stormtroopers who found the droids they were looking for. From a certain point of view, this is your wisest future purchase.”

  3. If you’re looking to add some geek-chic to your next baking adventure, this might be the droid you’re looking for.

    Promising Review: “This set could not be anymore awesome! I love star wars so to have cooking materials with star wars on them... can't beat that! Its a good quality set of measuring cups and spoons. he falls apart a little easy when knocked over but hey... he's a droid :) definitely a must have for a star wars lover!”

  4. I’ve heard of bear hugs, but this is another level. Feel the force literally with this huggable Chewbacca pillow buddy.

    Promising Review: “My grandson had only two desires for Christmas (1 a Whoopee Cushion and (2 a cuddly Chewbacca doll. Receiving Chewbacca had the same reaction as the poop emoji pillow he desired for his birthday three months previous. Chewy does have some gnarly hair but I didn't find in bothersome or frustrating. Think Troll doll hair, only a lot of Troll hair... After all- it's Chewbacca, not some Barbie Head that you embellish with curlers, bows and cosmetics whilst playing Beauty Parlor! Chewy IS a gnarly Wookie. Right? Chewbacca's man-purse I also did not find hard, as some other reviewers had complained it was. I am not sure it it's because the construction materials had changed, if perhaps there was a different adhesive used to piece together his man-purse or if the other reviewers somehow had the expectations that the real Chewbacca would somehow desire delicate or soft-to-the-touch fabric to hold his munitions in? Whatever the truth may be, rest assured you are not sending your child to bed with a bag as abrasive as a broken piece or pottery...”

  5. Unlike the real Death Star, this popcorn maker won’t destroy the planet or your taste buds.

    Promising Review: “I love this little popcorn maker! I've been an eater of microwave popcorn most of my life so switching to air-popped is a bit of an adjustment but as a Star Wars fan it's fun to see the Death Star make me popcorn when I'm about to watch a movie or Star Wars film. It's a bit pricey at $50 but if you can afford it and are a Star Wars fan then do get one and show your corn kernels the power of this fully armed and operational popcorn maker!”

  6. The perfect product to show off your fandom as well as light up any space, this LED Death Star lamp creates an awesome 3D holographic illusion.

    Promising Review: “Well done 3-D display, quality product and very cool! If there's a Star Wars fanatic in your midst, this is the ideal item. The base unit does it all and without moving parts. Low power consumption of this little jewel, means it can be remain on all night. There is a ton of different motifs to choose from. So anyone who thinks a hologram is, at the very least interesting, will love one of these in the style they'll enjoy. These items will last a very long time, and are made very well!”

  7. It probably wouldn’t work for a wookie, but for the average Star Wars fan this electric shaver should be more than enough for all your grooming needs.

    Promising Review: “I was looking for a new shaver. then on facebook i was looking one day i came across the star wars edition shavers from Norelco. it was not available in the store. so i decided to order . Its came pretty fast. I opened the box as soon as i got it. for one thing the box was small. It had a storm trooper image on the right and the shaver imager. on the left side. on the back was a brief description of the features the shaver has.

    Appearance- as soon as i opened the box. i took the shaver out. it was pretty big. Large enough to fit in my hand. I like the stormtrooper armor style. on the handle. its all white . with a glossy finish to it. to replicate the stormtrooper's armor. thats one feature. Its a unique design having two shaving heads instead of the three heads. The shaving heads are detachable for easy switching to a trimmer head. the reason why i got this shaver was its wet/ dry feature . i wanted something i can use in the shower if i need to do that. I been a long time user of norelco shavers. I know how good the quality of the shavers are. This shaver i must say is the best i've handled . she shaver leaves a close and clean shave. my skin is always smooth.”

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