Gift Ideas For The Dad Who Seemingly Has Everything

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  • MAY 21, 2019

Your father is a simple man. He see's something, he likes it, he wants it, he buys it. Now, how in the world are you supposed to buy him something he'd really like, if he already bought everything he likes? If you aren't rolling around in Ferrari money, buying him his dream car is surely out of the question. But maybe therein lays the answer. Think outside of the question. It's not "what does he want", rather "what does he not know he wants?" Here’s to hoping your dad doesn’t read this list before you can buy him his gift.

  1. So you want to buy your dad a Mac but lo and behold, he already has one. You could buy him a Macbook so he can take his work with him, or you could just help him take his Mac with him. It’s definitely cheaper than buying an entire MacBook.

  2. Looks like mom’s relegated dad’s guitar to the mantle, to collect dust as a conversation starter about how he actually wrote Viva La Vida. Amplify its presence with a totally rad mini-fridge.

  3. When the old frat boys get together; it’s just like old times. Expect, now they’re old timers and they just can’t pump the kegs how they used to. Allow your dad to relive his glory days without any of the embarrassment of potentially hazardous keg-stands.

  4. It’s highly likely you father has seen Inglorious Bastards and would love to tell his boys “ Make it yourself like a good chap will you. The bars in the globe.” puffs fat cigar

  5. A man may have everything, but a man cannot buy back his own hair. Or can he? It’s possible the shame of shopping for hair growth product has restricted him from finding this gem.

  6. A perfect pairing for the globe bar; your dad will look like a true world trotting connoisseur. That would definitely allow him to say words like chap and get away with it without looking like a pompous ass hat.

  7. The older you get, the stiffer your body becomes…in most places. Help rejuvenate your dad with an ergonomically designed standing mat that will get the blood flowing. Still won’t help with that though.

  8. What else pairs better with a standing desk mat, than a standing desk. If you think about it this way, when you give him one, he'll want the other. Now you know for sure you've gotten him something he wants.

  9. Keeping active is close to impossible at a 9 to 5. How many times are you really going to get up and walk around the office, before people start giving you the look?

  10. Like an absolute connoisseur. It's time your dad evolves from cracking a beer with a lighter, to nitrogen dioxide powered wine uncorking mastery. It's a bloody N2O powered wine opener.

  11. If he’s not allowed to make his own jamming tunes with his electric guitar, he should at least be able to blast his tunes, in style. The sleek design may even remind him of his Star Wars fueled youth.

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