9 Ways To Keep Yourself Vibing Till The Next Music Festival

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  • MAY 6, 2019

It's not fair how a festival flies by in an instant, yet the time between festivals lasts an eternity. Why can't it be, that we have fist-bumping beats and window-shattering bass-drops, all the time? After some deep thought, we came to a realization. It's impossible to recreate the euphoric hypnosis of a packed crowed jumping together to the wizardry being performed by the most talented beings on the planet. However, it IS possible to recreate just a few of these moments, on a slightly smaller scale. Trust us, after a few beers (or whatever your vice may be), you won't even notice the difference.

  1. Every great concert, festival, and most definitely, rave, has masterful lighting, illuminating the very beats vibrating through our souls. Now imagine all that luminary brilliance, plastered onto your plastered face, as you shuffle and glide to your favorite tunes.

  2. Dad probably isn't going to be fond of window-shattering bass drops, so we have a very suitable replacement. Feel the bass like never before.

  3. Unfortunately, mom isn’t a big fan of your favorite band, either. That shouldn't stop you from being able to enjoy your favorite music as loud as you want. She had her time; now tell her to stick it. By it, we mean stick the ear plugs, in her ear. Don't disrespect your mother, Britney.

  4. Now, not everyone will voluntarily agree to wear earplugs. Have no fear, scream...we mean, sing, your favorite songs as loud as you want. And you never have to worry about how bad you sound.

  5. Maybe you don’t have friends, or they’re all conveniently busy at the same time. Turn this sucker on and he’ll dance with you for hours. Bonus: he’ll never disagree with your song choice.

  6. It’s not a concert without an epic DJ. Who better than your favorite feline friend to, literally, scratch the hottest beats. We recommend having actual music playing, but that’s just a personal preference.

  7. The party don’t ever stop. Keep jamming out, even in the shower, with the rad LED shower head. Keep an eye on that water bill.

  8. If you've listened to anything we've said so far, you are set for an epic weekend. LED's, major bass, and now, glow-in-the-dark goodness. Side note, don't let your little cousin walk around your room with this.

  9. When all else fails, you can never go wrong with a pair of studio headphones. Listen to the music the way it was made to be heard, as loud as you want.

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