There's Only One Thing Holding You Back From Being A Superhero

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  • APR 22, 2019

Not all hero’s wear capes, but all superheroes do have cool toys. It’s what truly separates the defenders from the pretenders. From Captain America’s iconic shield to Thor’s mighty hammer, Iron Mans super suit to Dr. Strange’s magical amulets, these heros all have vastly diferent powers but share the common characteristic that is, cool stuff. Fine, and the willpower and bravery to save the world, but that’s not as cool as stuff. Level up from being a pretender with some essential items that will leave your nemesis speechless.

  1. Fighting crime is like making a burrito, it’s a two-handed affair. You can’t be fiddling with your devices. You need hands-free information displayed straight to the optical.

  2. Meet Alexa, Jarvis’ second cousin twice removed. She’s not as intelligent as Jarvis but she still tries her best to assist you in your crusade. Just ask her what she can do; you’d be surprised.

  3. Your cardboard super-suit might be cool to your 3 year old niece, but it’s still missing some 21st century pizzazz. Sometimes you just need a minor upgrade. Remember Iron Mans first suit?

  4. Now this is what they meant when they said “put the hammer down”. Beat your meat with the might of Thor and become the mightiest hero, in the kitchen, at least.

  5. A strong bag with ample space would definitely be handy as you figure out what tools you need to save the day. If you’re trying to be like the greats, might as well dress like them.

  6. Bonus. Like we said, if you’re trying to be like the greats, might as well dress like them. Plus, who wants to have dust in their eyes as they’re zooming off at the posted superspeed limit.

  7. Behind every great hero is a trusted sidekick. Humans are overrated. We suggest teaming up with something a little cooler. Plus, it works with Alexa. Sounds like you’re forming a bit of a super team.

  8. It’s practically the real thing. Mjölnir has the power of lightning. This has the power of light. At its root, they both have electricity flowing through them. We don’t see a difference, do you?

  9. This level of wizardry would have gotten you killed in the Medieval Times. Now, mystify your subordinates with the amazing power of this wireless charger.

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