Hilarious Wedding Gifts Only A Best Friend Could Give

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  • APR 15, 2019

It’s wedding season, and that unfortunately means your best friend is getting married. Now, while this may seem like a drag, look on the bright side. There will be a reception with free booze and you get to give them a wedding gift. Yes, that is correct. The opportunity to bestow a totally unconventional gift upon your friend is the silver lining to this wedding that you never knew existed. Below is a list of slightly obscure ideas that still make total sense as wedding gifts. After all, that is what a best friend would do.

  1. Be it a Stars Wars fan or a Trekkie, we GUARANTEE they’ll be a fan of this book. A great combo gift with the pillowcases mentioned later. Keep out of reach of children; there’ll be a few on the way…

  2. Now that your best mate is married, you’ll notice a paradigm shift in who’s most important to them. State your dominance in the relationship with a card game that asks the real questions.

  3. While the card game is a brilliant idea, the reality is, you’ve been replaced. Rather than mope, why not fuel the slowly dying fire of their newfound union with these subtly risqué pillow cases.

  4. Storage is a hot commodity. Help your buddy clear out their wardrobe with some shared undies. If they’re planning on being together for the rest of their life, might as well go all in.

  5. The type of person that’s still reading this list will generally have a friend who also makes questionable decisions. Save your friend from a lifetime of scolding with a simple flip of a coin.

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