10 Easy Gifts That Are Actually Life Hacks For the Holidays

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  • DEC 5, 2018

It's easy to assume that our daily routines are perfect, so we don't search for a better way to do things. Well, this list is here to expand your horizons. These items are real life hacks that are both useful and clever, and could be answers to messy problems you never knew you needed til now.

  1. Stop searching for the perfect power outlet or outlet plug to charge your most important electronics. This outlet comes with a built-in shelf to hold your phone, shaver, Alexa unit or any other device that needs a constant power source - saving you from needing long power cables, nearby tabletops or messy maneuvering.

  2. People with glasses want to read, or use their phone from bed too! This pillow is shaped so that anyone with glasses can lay down sideways without the discomfort of having their glasses stabbing them in the face. It's a simple solution to an age-old problem that we bet you wish you thought of sooner!

  3. Elf on the Shelf is a new tradition for many families to help Santa decide who is naughty or nice - it's a Christmas toy that's meant to remind kids that their best behaviour is important. The Elf on the Shelf is one of Santa's personal helpers who reports back to the North Pole every day. In other words: an easy way to remind your kids to behave.

  4. What's more annoying than water soaked socks? Nothing. You can confidently tread through rain or snow in these socks and always have peace of mind knowing that your feet will be dry and comfortable. Everybody probably already wants a pair, and now you know where to buy your own waterproof socks.

  5. Having a laptop within arm's reach is great for productivity if you need to get work done, and it's also the best way to be lazy on a weekend afternoon. This laptop table lets you work from bed or from your favorite couch. Why even get up to do anything when you can accomplish everything with a portable desk?

  6. Make parenting just a bit easier with a shoulder saddle for kids. It keeps your hands free and saves you some energy from keeping track of where your toddlers are during the hustle and bustle of Christmas season. Compared to other toddler slings, this one prevents you from getting tired.

  7. Take a photo with your dog and keep their attention on the camera with this clever smartphone attachment that helps you take selfies with your furry friends.

  8. Make storing your wine an easy task with a slip on cover that will help save your remaining wine from holiday dinner. It's a quick and convenient solution that's sure to also spark some conversation.

  9. Say no to difficult wine openers and use this automated tool to get your corked bottles open. Instead of risking getting pieces of cork in your drink, and potentially spilling the bottle, this is a simple method to cleanly get your wine from the bottle to the glass.

  10. Once the holiday dinners are over, you'll want to loosen your belt. With the buckleless belt that's cleverly design to use elastic tension, the belt automatically fits to you to create some extra comfort that you didn't know was possible.

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