8 Imaginative Gifts to Rediscover the Joy of Indoor Hobbies

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  • DEC 4, 2018

When all you want is to stay indoors, make arts and crafts, and sip a cup of hot chocolate you need some creative ideas to get it all started. This list includes some of the most imaginative items to help you rediscover both old and new hobbies, along with activities you probably wish you had thought of earlier. Great for DIY enthusiasts, creatives, or anyone looking for a new way to spend time at home.

  1. Whether you're working with felt, paper, vinyl, cardstock, or more, you can now master elaborate designs and techniques for all your scrapbooking, sticker-making, and crafting needs. This printer and cutting machine gives you a wide range of control for whatever your arts and crafts need. With so many features, the only thing it doesn't seem to do is brew your coffee.

  2. Introduce classic arts and crafts into your life again, with this collector's set of 64 Crayola crayons that will help you rediscover the joy of coloring books, drawing, self-expression, you name it. The familiarity of crayons and home crafts is a winning activity if you want to take a break from electronics and television to take up a hobby that embodies the freedom of childhood creativity.

  3. If you've ever wanted to pick up an instrument, now is the time to learn the guitar with the portable Jamstik. It imitates a real guitar neck using real guitar strings and teaches beginners how to play guitar chords through various games and instructions. Some chords require constant practice, so the Jamstik makes it easy for you to practice even when you don't have room to bring a guitar.

  4. Perhaps a bit unexpected to see on this list of indoor hobbies, this beer crafting kit is a simple solution to making your own craft brew. Control variables affecting taste and texture like hops, yeast and grains, and even pour your own creation from the built-in tap. It's large enough to contain 5 liters of beer and the range of beer possibilities are endless, based on how you balance your ingredients.

  5. This coding kit combines the magic of the Harry Potter universe with a fun, learning platform. This motion sensing wand that acts like a remote control for apps and functions you build yourself. Comes with 70+ activities to learn the basics of coding, it's a cool educational tool that mixes the creativity of traditional crafts with digital gaming.

  6. Why limit your drawings to traditional paper when you can sculpt 3D objects and drawings using a 3D pen kit? Add a new dimension to your sketches, artwork, or notes with a pen that can draw vertically to capture a new category of ideas you never thought was possible.

  7. Think of Lego, but with built-in movements and functions. Cubelet Robotic Blocks even pair with official Lego bricks in order to let you construct block creations as freely as you can imagine. It's a new way to get creative, practice design, sharpen spatial awareness and spend many hours indoors creating something new.

  8. Upgrade your arts and crafts from pen and paper to electronics and puzzles, making your indoor activities both modern and fun. This superhero kit teaches coding, programming, electronic building and covers basic concepts like loops and logic. It's designed with kids in mind so that they're able to enjoy learning and be rewarded with a cool, personal creation.

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