10 Gifts for Teens That Are Right On-Trend for 2019

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  • NOV 30, 2018

There's no need to scour social media or attempt to learn memes just to get on board with current shopping trends. Just when you think every good gift ideas has been done before, here's a list to make your holiday shopping a little easier. These presents range from room decor to gadgets that will be timely and relevant for 2019, for the teen in your life who is hard to impress.

  1. Although a letter board seems like an unlikely gift, its popularity comes from creative applications across social media posts, modern aesthetic for room decor, and interchangeable letters and numbers. It also makes for a great sign at the office, school, or wherever you feel like you might want to display a custom message. The felt and wooden construction make it a versatile piece for any interior.

  2. Rediscover music with these budget friendly studio headphones that have been designed audiophiles but awesome for everyday listening. It's a luxurious upgrade from the common earbud and delivers a new level of sound quality that will be loved for music, movies and favorite shows. Why not find a gift that will be useful on a daily basis?

  3. Take a classic story and upgrade it with official artwork, and you instantly have an entire illustrated novel from the Harry Potter universe. This is the first book in the series of the world-famous Harry Potter novels and it's sure to entertain a whole new generation of fans.

  4. Plants are great for rooms, small home gardens, and useful to brighten up your decor, customizing the atmosphere of your favorite spaces. This bonsai tree is a unique and classic plant that is associated with the artful cultivation techniques.

  5. Even with everything becoming digital - digital cameras, phone cameras, Instagram, Snapchat etc. There's a trend towards physical photo prints that a whole new generation is beginning to appreciate and rediscover. With the Instax Camera, you can take and print photos anywhere you go. This camera has been applauded for its authentic retro aesthetic and it's sure to be a popular gift.

  6. Compared to your traditional skateboard, this bamboo longboard comes with wider wheels and a longer, sturdier frame for navigating urban environments. Bicycles are great, but a longboard gives you a more fun and visceral means of transportation.

  7. Start 2019 on the right foot with this monthly planner. Whether you want to meet your organization goals, or stay on top of your productivity, this organizer comes with a few helpful features. Included with this planner is a set of stickers that help you keep track of, and organize your thoughts and most important tasks.

  8. Looking to start a board game night? The, 'What Do You Meme?' party game is a group card game that is considered one of the funniest and social games. Not for the faint-hearted, the game will have you creating the best possible text and image combination for some hilarious, vulgar, and situational humor.

  9. When all you want is a cosmetics bag that will hold all of your makeup without melting, smudging or breaking, this sturdy canvas bag is a surefire way to keep your makeup organized. A cute gift that's also really useful.

  10. When you need to watch your shows, do work, or homework on the go, there's a portable laptop desk that serves as a great tabletop. It's great for lazy days when you don't want to leave the bed, or if you want to multitask around the home.

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