14 Highly-Reviewed, Super Cozy Items for the Holidays At Home

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  • NOV 22, 2018

Even though it's cold outside this winter season, you can rest assured that these highly-reviewed holiday items will make the time you spend indoors way more bearable during the mandatory walks between your bed and fridge. Get cozy!

  1. Enjoy the comforts of a warm and comfy blanket without the heavy guilt of murdered animals with this faux throw blanket. With a clean conscience, you can stay warm anywhere in your home, making every cozy nook even more cozy. Comes in a variety of colors.

    Promising Review - This is a perfect alternative very affordable and stylish. Just bought the queen size and fits perfectly. Washed it and tumble try low and it'll be fine with no damages done. DOES NOT SHED. It'll definitely bring out the interior design in your room very appealing to the eye. Highly recommend getting it!! (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  2. With the amount of lounging you'll be doing during the holidays, you'll want to prepare beverages that stay at their ideal temperatures. These double-walled stainless steel mugs will help your hot chocolates stay hot and your cold sodas stay cold so you can focus on kicking back and relaxing. Comes in sets of 2 or 4.

    Promising Review - One of my best purchases!!!! Being retired, I don't drink down a mug/cup of coffee within 30 minutes or less, anymore. I tend to dawdle with my coffee as I get lost in my current art project. Prior to receiving these absolutely gorgeous mugs, I would reach for and take a nice draft of my coffee, only to be shocked back to reality by its cold temperature. Now I have the opposite problem (a much, much better problem to have); my coffee is a within a degree or two of the temperature that it came out of the coffee maker. I need only to learn to leave the lid open for a few sort minutes. After my beverage is at a palletable temperature, by replacing the lid, I know that I will have a nice hot cup of "Joe" until the very last drop. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  3. Who can enjoy their time off without using their laptop these days? Take this handy laptop desk with you to wherever you need it most, and treat yourself to an instant desk for your laptop. Comes with a built-in cushion so you can comfortably place this on your lap.

    Promising Review - I purchased two of these; I use one at home when reading/studying on my bed or when eating on my couch. The 2nd one I use in my car (without the removable cushion) when I eat or read while waiting for my train (I park & ride and sometimes I arrived 15-30 minutes early) I tuck the tray away between my sit and console when not in use and it fits perfectly. Very useful for me. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  4. Complete your holiday atmosphere with a big, scented candle that lasts for 50+ hours of burn time. Capture the scents of a perfect holiday with the candle that blends pomegranate, mandarin orange, pine, cloves, cinnamon and vanilla for a familiar, welcoming touch.

    Promising Review - This candle is fantastic. For a one wick soy based candle, I couldn’t be more impressed. It burns clean. The throw is noticeable throughout my home, which is a two story. I am sensitive to strong fragrances, but this candle fragrance does not bother me. A great Winter candle. Even on the third day the wax has barely diminished. I’m disappointed that I bought over $150 on Yankee Candle candles for fall and winter this year. I was beginning to fear my olfactory senses were going, but happy to know that after burning Nest Holiday candle, it’s not me. I will buy Nest candles in the future. They are a great even though pricey. You get so much more burn time, clean, and wonderful fragrance. The candle jars and packaging is a plus. Highly recommend this brand. (Amazon.com, 5-Star Review)

  5. Brew a soulful tea with a selection of 48 tea bags. Your choices are endless when it comes to this variety box, allowing you to experience new flavors of your favorite hot tea while you're avoiding the cold outdoors.

    Promising Review - Seriously. This makes the smoothest cup of hot tea I have ever enjoyed. I was looking for my regular favorite Irish Breakfast tea, when I decided to give this a try. I am so glad I did. This tea has no bitterness to it at all. I take my tea with only milk or cream. It needs nothing else. It seems to have a slight natural sweetness. But not at all "doctored up" like all these new flavored concoctions. I am amazed at how cheap it is! To me, this is the sort of flavor that merited those lovely locking tea caddies of earlier centuries. It manages to be both hardy and luxurious at the same time. Now, if I could only find a man with those virtues! (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  6. Dress for the occasion with these flannel shirts for him. They are decked out with corduroy collars and sleeves, and come in a variety of classic patterns and colors. Stay warm in style this winter.

    Promising Review - I bought this shirt recently for a trip I went on, though it wasn't nearly as cold as it could have been, so I didn't get to wear this shirt as much as I thought I would.

    That being said, it is definitely a high-quality garment, made of great materials, and with excellent, high-class finishing. Be warned that this shirt is WARM-- not at warm as a fleece, but still pretty heavy. I wound up wearing this in place of a jacket for much of my trip and would wind up taking it off and tying it around my waist once it had warmed up in the morning (which I can't really do with a jacket).

    This would be perfect for fall weather and make an excellent second layer for a cold winter. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  7. Dress for the occasion with these flannel shirts for her. They are decked out with corduroy collars and sleeves, and come in a variety of classic patterns and colors. Stay warm in style this winter.

    Promising Review - True to size. Thicker material. Made well. Flattering to shape because it is slightly narrower at the waist. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  8. Whether you're sharing the holidays with friends, family or your sarcastic cat you'll find a way to snap a few instant-print photos with this camera. The classic Instax camera is the perfect way to capture memories and get a printed picture.

    Promising Review - The camera quality makes you feel like you're in the 90s, it's great as long as you're not expecting crystal clear, see everyone type's of pore pictures. Great for when you chill with friends, and perfect for scrapbooking. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  9. Looking to cook something amazing for friends and family? This enameled cast iron dutch oven is a reliable culinary tool for all the baking, braising, and roasting you can dream of.

    Promising Review - For the price, I think this is an exceptional value! It is heavy enough to heat evenly, but is manageable. The enamel color is beautiful, and it cleaned up easily. I'm quite happy that I bought this Dutch Oven instead of paying alot more for a brand name. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  10. The King of Rock is here for the holidays in this very popular holiday duet album. This album includes several holiday classics and comes in digital formats so you can listen and play your tunes from anywhere Elvis is needed.

    Promising Review - If you are an Elvis fan and you know all of his Christmas songs Then I think you will love this Album I know I did. A very Professional Touch The artist that sang the songs with Elvis it was just like they were with him in the Studio. I know a Lot of People Rehash Elvis for whatever reason and alot of times the product is not very good For me this album was an A+ (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  11. The ultimate homewear is this UGG robe. Comfortable, timeless ...and did we mention very comfortable? It has all the features that you would expect from your new favorite home apparel.

    Promising Review - I have been searching for a robe like this for years!!! It is perfect! Soft and cozy yet breathable and doesn't make you too hot! And there are side pockets that don't make you look 10 lbs heavier! I love this robe so much that I also bought it for my mom and step mom and they love it as well. And we all are different sizes (medium to xlarge) and ages (35-62 years) and live in different climates! I am so in love with this robe that I am buying a second one for myself in a different color! I have the cream now and it's gorgeous! Also, I am 5'8" and 145lbs and the medium fits perfectly and the large fits with a little extra room if you don't like your robes form fitting. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  12. The holidays aren't complete without warm, ambient lighting to bring the atmosphere together. The portability and length of these lights make customizing your living spaces a breeze, and decorating everything from bookshelves to ceilings an easy task.

    Promising Review - These are perfect. They light up my shelves, but when they are turned off they are hardly noticeable. I originally put up bulkier lights and it just looked cluttered. These are clean, easy to work with, and the fact the wire holds a shape makes them easy to place. I love the dimmer feature with the remote. I have my house hooked up to Amazon Alexa, and I needed a set of lights that would remember the last setting for them to work with Alexa. I just used a smart plug between the lights and the power and it works perfectly. Super pleased and highly reccomend these. I went through so many other brands searching for these features, and they weren’t that easy to find. These are a step above the rest! (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  13. Netflix is the easiest way to entertain from home this holiday season, especially with this digital giftcard to help you watch all of your favorite movies and Netflix exclusives. If you're going to be staying indoors to avoid the cold this winter, why not make every night a movie night?

    Promising Review - Introduced my parents to Netflix but they didn't want anything to do with it as long as they had to pay for the service. I bought them this gift card and they found it easy to use and started their account. Now they're watching movies on it a few times a week and they plan to pay for the service once their gift card runs out. They're retired so they get to enjoy Netflix more often than I do! (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

  14. Slip into a pair of the best socks ever, designed with comfort and function in mind. The socks come in a huge variety of designs and will be the perfect addition to any indoor activities you have planned for the holidays including reading, snacking and napping.

    Promising Review - These are really wonderful slipper socks! The lining stays in place and is super soft and cozy warm. The are cute folded like it is shown but if you want the added warmth on your leg you can wear them like a crew sock. I wear a size 6 shoe; since this is a "one size fits all" arrangement these are a little roomy but not sloppy. My husband is a size 10 wide foot and they have enough "give" to fit his foot too. I have only seen the Lumber Jack red/black and think they are perfect for men and women. This is going to be a fine Christmas gift for friends and family this year. (Amazon.com, 5 Star Review)

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