6 Halloween Items to Spook Up Your House

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  • OCT 25, 2018
  1. Pumpkins are the perfect shape for holding vast amounts of your favorite drink, so why not transform pumpkins into a keg for the whole party? Use this tap to turn ordinary pumpkins into something fun and useful for your Halloween social. Totally #squashgoals.

    Promising Amazon Review: "Worked well, as they all have said, read the directions. Drill a hole a little smaller than the threaded tap. Looked and worked great!"

  2. Whether you want to eat like a king or starve like a post-apocalyptic survivor, the Walking Dead cookbook is the perfect Halloween inspiration for a meal. Now you can meal prep like your favorite characters with these inspired recipes. It's also ironically well-received in any LIVING room.

    Promising Amazon Review: "I bought this as a gift for a friend who is a fan of the show. It was well received. There’s a bit of a story to go along with each recipe. It’s a fun gift that can actually be useful."

  3. Add a eerie glow with a purr-fect transforming cat candle which reveals a metal cat skeleton as the wax melts. A great conversation starter that's both useful and unexpected. You'll want to get your paws on these.

    Promising Amazon Review: "Candle burned almost exactly as shown in the pictures. There was a little smoke that came off the metal when first exposed, but it quickly went away. No scent to the candle. Been burning about 15 hours."

  4. Drinking beverages near real, human brains might be a health hazard so it's way safer to pretend with this set of brain-themed drink coasters. Whatever you decide to place on the coasters is up to you, but it'll definitely get noticed at your Halloween party and your guests will thank you for the memories.

    Promising Amazon Review: "They arrived in ideal condition and are quite nice. Heavy glass, and they stack nicely. I am super happy with them!"

  5. Don't be a bonehead, add a wicked touch to your Halloween cutlery with a sturdy, skeleton shaped spoon. Even if your food isn't scary, you can pretend like it is. Look mortality in the eye and laugh as you feed on a hot casserole.

    Promising Amazon Review: "This spoon is absolutely beautiful! My friend loves skeletons so this was perfect. It's stainless steel and a great size at 12 inches long so it's perfect. It says dishwasher safe but it's recommended to hand wash it. The detail is spot on. It's gorgeous! Great spoon!"

  6. Something's brewing at your party and it's happening in your very own witch cauldron cup! Take a sip of your mystical concoction from a mug that's both intricately designed and magically inspired.

    Promising Amazon Review: "My favorite mug. It's big and hard to knock over. It is super cute and just all around perfect. It's made of real ceramic and has black glaze on everywhere except the bottom."

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