8 Items to Help You Sneak Alcohol Anywhere You Go

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  • SEP 27, 2018
  1. They might try to search inside your bag, but they'll never suspect the bag itself making this one heck of a stealthy way to get the drinks flowing.

    Promising Reviews: This bag is INCREDIBLE! I was a bit skeptical at first, I must admit. I was so impressed when it arrived. It's pretty quality considering it's a bag to hide your booze. It's super cute as well. You'd never know that it was filled with a bottle of wine. The pocket that holds the wine bag is very discrete and insulated. I bought this for a mountain vacation trip - we filled it up with vodka and took it to the spa so we could make cocktails outside in the hot tub without spending a fortune. No one noticed that the first round of drinks we bought kept refilling themselves ;) The bag is pretty spacious too!

  2. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Well, in this case never put all your drinks in one secret container. Divide and conquer with this entire set of hidden compartments - they'll never know where to look first.

    Promising Reviews: Got all of our booze on board in 1 bag. a bottle of rum chata, a bottle of Crown vanilla, and a bottle of whiskey. We ended up smuggling the whiskey back off since we couldnt drink it all!

  3. Sorry fellas, this one might only draw more attention you. However, for anyone who could pull this one off we're going to say that this one will help you conceal your drink like never before. Because seriously, it would be pretty strange to search a tampon.

    Promising Reviews: Imagine my surprise when I found my daughter's Amazon cart filled with these tampon flasks. After we had a discussion about her alcohol consumption, I realized she was actually being quite sensible. Why pay $10 for an overpriced vodka cranberry when you can just tuck a couple "tampons" into your evening bag for those nights when you have a "heavy flow".

  4. Save this one for a rainy day. An umbrella is probably one of the most common items ever making it a great place to hide booze in plain sight. Perfect for outdoor events.

    Promising Reviews: This worked perfectly for the music festival I attended. Security walked past as I was drinking from my 'umbrella'. (I should have been paying more attention to my surroundings lol) He did a double take, laughed, and said that he'd seen a lot of creative ways to sneak drinks in but nothing like this. Discreet, sturdy, no leaks - Five stars!

  5. Look no further than these binoculars. The answer is right before your eyes. These lens unscrew to reveal a hidden compartment to stash your favorite beverage. Seeing is believing. Okay those are all the puns we need for this one.

    Promising Reviews: This was the perfect holiday gift for the diehard football game fans. When my husband first used his at a game, everyone around started to stare and ask...Where did you get that? His friend laughed and admitted he wondered why bring binoculars and not use them during the first half. What a hit! Now all the neighbors have them!

  6. Nobody ever bothers tourists. Think about it. This digital camera is the perfect disguise to allow you to drunkenly roam popular travel destinations.

    Promising Reviews: It is wonderful! It really looks like a camera down to the screen details. And once you add your fav beverage it has the weight of one. Noone will know its not a real camera. Great buy!

  7. The next time someone tells you to take a chill pill, just take a swig from this ice pack instead. It might look like you're drinking a chemical mixture, but hey - that just means there will be more drink for you.

    Promising Reviews: I was happy with the product. I bought it for a gift. It looked realistic and was larger that I imagined, looked like it would hold a pint or more. The person I bought it for liked it a lot.

  8. Look great and feel great with this regular old hairbrush. Nope! It's actually another booze container. But we've heard that the brush is still functional. Another way to stay fashionable and stealthy.

    Promising Reviews: This was absolutely worth it! I took it into a concert in a very small purse, the only contents were the brush, wallet, and phone. The security people looked inside the purse and did not think twice. It works as a fully functioning brush and is leak proof. It is a little bulky quite heavy especially when filled with liquid, but other than that it is undetectable. It holds 6 ounces, which is plenty for one person especially if you use a higher proof alcohol. Drinks at the venue I went to were $10 a shot, so this purchase paid off after one use!!

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