10 Luxury Items For The Totally Spoiled Dog

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  • AUG 13, 2018
  1. Provide your dog with a continuous outdoor source of fresh-tasting, cool, filtered water that will encourage your pet to drink more. This Doggie Drinking Fountain is the answer.

    Promising Reviews- Our dog loves it. It took 3 different times using it before she got it (she is not the brightest dog, but loves water). Now she gets so excited every time we pull it out. We even pulled it out once when she was constipated and wasn't drinking water, it saved us a vet trip. Our little dog is not strong enough to make it work so our big one presses on it for her.

  2. This Dog Treadmill was designed for the unique way dogs move, think and learn. In other words, they were specifically created for dogs and they address the finest details of canine movement and behavior

    Promising Reviews- Great product. Very well made. It runs very smoothly and quietly, so it does not intimidate my dog. He jumped right on and has been using it every day since purchase. It provides great, low-impact exercise for your dog's body and mind (especially during cold winters). I highly recommend it...well worth the price. And for little dogs, this is a much better option than trying to use a human-sized treadmill. The remote control is very convenient to use while interacting with your dog, and the belt adjustment will make certain there is never any rubbing or wear on the belt sides. My dog has even learned the words, "wanna go treadmill?"... which make him spin around in circles with excitement, then he runs down to the basement and jumps on the treadmill. He even starts pawing at the motor housing... impatiently waiting for me to start it up.

  3. This is the Original Pet Selfie Smartphone Attachment which completely changes the way we take pictures and selfies with our Dogs.

    Promising Reviews- I have the happiest dog in the world, but every time I pull out the camera, he gets a pitiful hangdog expression. It's crazy, like he knows what a camera is and hates having his picture taken. My husband laughed at me for buying this...but it works like a charm! My pup is so focused on the ball, I get an attentive, enthusiastic expression instead of something that looks like it belongs on a neglected pet commercial.

  4. No more struggling with your pup in the sink. No need to risk an entire soaking with the hose. Award winning brushless dog Paw Cleaner cleans dogs paws fast and easy.

    Promising Reviews - This is amazing! When I first got it I cleaned my dogs paws with damp clothes like I usually would and then used this. I cannot believe how much dirt was in the mug! And her paws looked totally clean, could never tell she'd been in the mud Worth it if you walk you dog regularly but don't enjoy the dirt covered floors.

  5. This Pet Grooming Gloves allows shedding hair sticks to the glove, making it easy to peel and throw hair away! Perfect for pets, no matter what hair type and length

    Promising Reviews- Purchased this as an alternative to a pet brush. Our dog doesn't sit long enough to get a good brushing when using a typical brush. Not sure if it has to do with the length of the bristles or the presure used to brush him. The pet grooming glove seems to be the answer we were looking for. The gloves smaller silicone bristles gently grabs loose fur while petting him which he enjoys all the time. Although the glove is one size fits all, the adjustable wrist strap makes it easy for me and my kids to use and the shedded fur easily comes off. Have not tried it when bathing him yet but looking forward to trying it. My dog is a 140 lb Great-Pyrenees Retriever cross so lots of fur to maintain. I certainly do recommend this glove.

  6. If your pet is afraid of conventional blow dryers, Just attach any regular blower to the included flex tube and let the Inflatable Jacket envelop your pup in a cyclone of warm air

    Promising Reviews- My 14-lb maltese/yorkie dog loves it. We've only used it twice, but he's really taken to it. The first time we used it, he seemed unsure of it. But on the second time, as soon as he saw it laid out on the floor, he jumped on it and sat there, waiting to be fluffed! It takes less than 10 minutes to dry him, which is great because I never dried his hair in the past and it would take two towels to remove excess water from him, plus another hour for him to completely air dry. On the most recent drying session, he even laid down, tucked in his legs into the bag, and almost fell asleep. I put my hand inside the bag to kind of toss his hair around to make sure he gets dried evenly, and also so that I can monitor the heat. If the bag gets a bit too hot, I just give him a blast of the cool air from the hair dryer. I'm a fan!

  7. This Teepee Dog Bed acts like a decorative accent to any room while providing a place for small pets to take a nap or hide their toys.

    Promising reviews- Our little teepee arrived safely and VERY VERY quickly!! Shipping was exceedingly fast (to Canada)! The seller was a pleasure to deal with and there were no hitches. The product itself is very well made of heavy-duty white canvas. The poles are sanded smooth and are a lovely blond wood and the chalk board is adorable. Our dogs both love the tent, taking turns. They are corgis (about 30 pounds each) and we hoped they would both fit in the teepee but they won't - it's two small for two of them. Just one at a time - which is fine, but just so other buyers know.

  8. Designed to safely transport dogs to and from adventures. Built with strength-rated hardware and components, the Deluxe Car Safety Harness has been successfully tested to withstand a vehicle crash test.

    Promising Review- Excellent car harness for the money. We have a lab/terrier mix she is 35 lbs I bought the medium sized harness and it fits her very comfortably. She is well restrained in the car and is comforted by that, the adjustable strap lets you give as much or little give as you want. It has not yet come undone and we use it often. The mesh harness is soft and very comfortable for her. So far so good.

  9. This Hands Free Running Leash Designed to make it easy to take your best friend along for your run. Active pet owners will agree, this is the most well-thought-out leash on the market today!

    Promising Reviews- I've been using this since January 2016. My whippet and I have run over 1250 km's with it. Everytime we do a race together everyone wants to know where I got the leash. The bungee cord stretch is key so that when a squirrel crosses your path the dog's sudden change in direction doesn't set you off balance, hurt your hip, or knock you down.

  10. Don't just mock your dog's tragic inability to sweat, do something about it with this fashionable Dog Cooling Vest. It will have your panting dog feeling cool as a cucumber on those long summer walks.

    Promising Reviews- I was unsure if this would work but I am now glad I purchased it. My dog is 75lb with a 31" girth. Large is a little big but it adjusted great on waist. I pre-refridgerated it for about 10 min after wetting it and then took him on a walk in 85 degree heat. Normally he doesn't do well in hot weather and we end up going back after only a mile. This let him get to 2.5miles. I recommended this to anyone with a heat sensitive dog

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