9 Everyday Beauty Items That Make Life Instantly Easier

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  • AUG 9, 2018
  1. This is the first of its kind Wearable Nail Polish Holder that fits all finger sizes and every size nail polish bottle, from the mini 'collections' to the largest & luxury brands.

    Promising Reviews: I cannot say enough good things about the tweexy nail polish holder. This holder makes it so much easier to get a clean finish on my nail polish, without worrying about spilling the bottle or dripping from the brush. This item is especially helpful when I am painting my toe nails, as I can leave it one my left hand and keep the polish bottle close to my feet. When using it for my hands, it is still very helpful, but I have to take care to make sure I don't smudge my polish while moving the holder from one hand to the other.

    So far, this holder has fit almost every brand of nail polish bottle that I have tried (the exception being my Marc Jacobs polish, which is in a very wide, flat bottle). The silicon holds the bottle firmly, but the finger holes are flexible enough that it is no problem to move the holder from one hand to the other. I have been raving about this product to all my friends who do their own manicures and pedicures.

  2. [The High Heel Protector attaches easily to most stiletto and kitten heels to prevent your heels from getting stuck in uneven surfaces and allowing you to stay high on grass, cobblestones, and more without sinking]

    Promising Reviews- I bought these for an outside wedding and I got the three pack because I wasn't sure which size would fit my heels for the day. I ended up using these for other events as well. I definitely recommend getting the three pack. These worked great. Perfect for walking on grass, dirt and even on uneven pavement. I hate when I break off the bottom of my heel by stepping in a crack but these are great for protecting them.

  3. This Bathtub Hair Catcher fits snug inside your shower tub drain, effortlessly gathering each and every hair that tries to make its way down your vulnerable drain. It's the hero you deserve in your bathroom.

    Promising Reviews: I got sick of my girlfriend's hair clogging up our shower drain so I tried this out. It actually catches everything. Hair, lint, small pieces of dirt/rocks/debris, bugs, etc. It's extremely easy to take out and clean too! Every shower drain I ever have will have one of these. Two bathrooms, Ten bathrooms, doesn't matter haha this is a necessity.

  4. Get a leg up on bathroom safety with this suction cup shower shaving foot rest. This Shower Shaving Foot Rest makes shaving your legs in the shower easier by giving you a place to rest your foot at whatever height is comfortable for you

    Promising Review: Bought this for my wife to use shaving her legs in the shower. It takes a little muscle to push it against the wall and do the clip up, but once its in place it is very sturdy. I have only had to remount it once in about 4 months.

  5. Indulge in an unforgettable bathing experience with this Bath Bomb Kit that are as fragrant as they are colorful! 12 uniquely crafted bath bombs, all functional and relaxing.

    Promising Reviews: I have a bathtub addiction and am a 5-6 night a week bathtubber so when I say I’ve tried all the bath bombs amazon provides, I’m serious. I keep going back to these, not only because of the price but because they actually work well. They don’t have all those annoying glitters and the scent actually sticks to your skin and serves a hydration purpose. I can’t say enough how much I love these over the 10-12 other brands I’ve tried.

  6. With this Blackhead Remover and Pore Cleanser, you can suck out deep-down dirt, oil, and blackheads, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Slap it on. Wait 10 minutes. Strip it off. It's that easy.**With this Blackhead Remover and Pore Cleanser, you can suck out deep-down dirt, oil, and blackheads, leaving skin feeling fresh and clean. Slap it on. Wait 10 minutes. Strip it off. It's that easy.**

    Promising reviews These are great! I have had very good luck with these, as well as the regular Biore strips. I'm not sure if the charcoal kind actually pulls anything extra out, but they're a bit more satisfying because you can see everything that was removed really nicely. I've tried a number of different brands, but Biore always yields the most consistent results. A lot of people complain about pore strips not working on them. In my experience, they work best right after a mask (a mud mask or a glycolic acid mask). The mask pulls everything a bit closer to the surface, and the strip yanks it all out before the pores close back up. Also, make sure your nose is very, very wet when you apply the strip. Like dripping. Dab the drips away with a washcloth and apply asap. In addition, make sure the strip is totally dry before pulling it off (should feel very stiff), which may take longer than the time in the instructions.

  7. Say goodbye to foot files, razors, pumice stones, and harsh chemicals that only offer a temporary fix. With this deep exfoliating foot peel, you'll be able to rediscover your baby soft feet!

    Promising Review- THIS IS SERIOUSLY MY FAVORITE PRODUCT EVER! It does a way better job than any professional pedicure I've ever had. You leave the booties on your feet for an hour and a few days later all of the dead skin starts to peel off. Entire callouses just lifted off my feet! I have used this product 3 times now and found that if you want to speed up the process you can soak your feet in the bath every night - it cuts the peeling time in half.

  8. Make any tub into a luxurious hydro spa with the Dual Jet Bath Spa. Melt away tension and muscle pain with easy to use controls that allow you to choose between bubble and jet settings. Fits all standard tubs and adjusts to any water level!

    Promising Reviews- Bought this as a gift for one of my best friends who was recently diagnosed with MS, as a Mother's Day gift. She says she loves it, works great, helps relieve her pains, and that she uses it every day.

  9. Take a little piece of the spa home with you with this Fluffy Bubble Mask that detoxes, while simultaneously treating blackheads and exfoliating pores.

    Promising Reviews: I love this mask. It really does seem to deep clean. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as how dry it would make my skin because I heard it can be drying, but I moisturized afterwards and my skin didn't feel any more dry the next day. The texture is really interesting, I expected it to be sticky, but it was more like a light gel. It tickles more than tingles on the face, if you are worried at all about discomfort. If you are very ticklish it might bother you. All in all, I loved it and would buy it again

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