6 Must-have Portable Gadget Kits for Survival

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  • JUL 23, 2018
  1. Equip yourself with a Lighter Multitool Today! Save room in your pockets by combining your lighter with multitool.

    Promising Review: “Second one I've purchased now (lost the first to a lighter their!). Truly excellent quality, simple yet robust design. Takes up so little extra space in your pocket over a bare lighter and you'll find yourself using the tools all the time. This is first time with the pro, and because of how the Philips bit is stored the lighter doesn't sit as deeply as it would in the standard Lighter Bro, but the added convenience is huge. You can always remove the bit and the lighter will fully seat into the case. Awesome product, and well worth the price. Strongly recommend.”

  2. This Credit Card Sized Toolkit allows you do daily activities on the go. Easily fits in your wallet.

    Promising Review: “Fantastic! Useful and works great! Came in super-fast and was great quality, Very pleased with this product!”

  3. This Anti-kidnapping Watch kit is designed to allow you to carry escape tools in your watch band.

    Promising Review: “It just arrived a few hours ago. Since then, I've had it on my watch while at the gas station and at a few other places, and I don't even notice it's there. Fits nicely on two different watches that I wear. I look forward to seeing what else this company sells.”

  4. This Fast IPhone Charger keeps your phone fully charged on the go. With this charger you are always in contact with friends and family.

    Promising Review: “I always trust their review so I decided to purchase it for a 3 weeks’ vacation where I knew that I will be very busy and will need my phone a lot for taking picture, be joinable and using GPS. After those 3 weeks I can say that I will recommend this: It's light (you can have it in your pack or in your pocket), does it job and contrary to a lot of power bank you do not even need to carry the cable of your electronic which is so useful and the reason that I gave 5 stars. My powder bank so used by all my friend just because of this because who carries a cable during a wedding reception? Try it you will not regret it!”

  5. Trapped in your car, with the water rising, you're only inches away from freedom... Luckily you've got your Tactical pen with glass breaker to set you free.

    Promising Review: “This is a good pen. I like the thicker size for my adult sized hands, and I recently bought a better pen refill to get a nicer, thicker blue ink line when writing. I haven't used the glass breaking tip, and hope never to do so, but it’s great to know it’s there. Tactically, I can rest easy knowing it can also be used for defense against an attacker. It’s very concealable, and so far nobody has batted an eye while I've been using it. Above all, it’s a good pen, smooth writing, and has other very valuable features. Good value here, and I'd recommend it to anyone wishing to have a good pen that can also be used for breaking glass (like in a car accident) or as a self-defense tool.”

  6. **This Zombie Apocalypse Survival Weapons kit gives you everything you need to fight off looters, walkers, and anything in between.

    Promising Reviews: “For the price I thought all items were great quality. The axe is made very well and feels comfortable in my hands, looking forward to using it soon. The case is great quality. Very happy with this purchase, would definitely recommend this product.”

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